Skins, Hides and Leather

If you are looking for something slightly different then a sheepskin, cowhide or even a leather rug might be for you. These hides are imported from South America, New Zealand and Australia to the UK and all are 100% ethically sourced byproduct from global food production. Each piece is carefully crafted into the most beautiful natural hide which will adorn the most sophisticated of homes. The ultimate in progressive style and natural grace our sheepskin, hides and leather rugs are available in a range of sizes and shapes to suit all requirements. The Asiatic range of Sheepskins are made from the very best Australian wool and are available in singles, doubles, quads and sexton sizes. Our skins and hides are 100% natural products, the cowhides in particular bear the marks of the animals life which add character and individuality. Why not consider a leather rug from Ornatus Interiors These have a range of interesting patterns and will decorate any room with their class and charm. For more information call our sales staff on 01786 447400 who would be happy to help further. 

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