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What Rugs Reveal about You

There are innumerable rugs on the market and each one reveals a certain character trait. The Rugs Stores have put together a selection of our rugs and disclose what they say about you.

The Modern Rug (Beige Harlequin Clematis)

This type of contemporary rug oozes sophistication and minimalist charm. Versatile and subtle, this rug suits many homes interior designs due to its quiet accents and muted tones. The person who selects a modern rug such as our Beige Harlequin Clematis is house proud and enjoys a sense of peace and order in their home.

The Wool Rug (Black Sierra Apollo Wool)

The wool rug is for those who appreciate exceptional quality, durability and sustainability. The person that chooses these wool rugs is functional and practical.

The Traditional Rug (brown Element Lancaster)

Those that go for the traditional rug connect with timeless vintage look. The person that chooses these rugs enjoys the beauty of their homes and values classic style.

Shaggy Rugs (aspire Beige and Brown Splendour Delux)

Shaggy rugs reveal a person's love of comfort and warmth. These rugs are perfect for adding texture to hard wood and laminate floors, or could add extra depth to place over carpet flooring. They're lovely to sink our feet into at the end of the day

So which rugs suit your character type? Shaggy Rugs? Modern Rugs? Traditional Rugs? Wool Rugs? Whatever you like, we have something specifcally to suit you under The Rug Stores roof! If you need rugs for sale then simply contact us today!