Welcome to 2015 | Rugs For Sale

Rugs for sale, read all about it ! I think we’ve watched a bit too much of A Christmas Carol this festive season, we’ve gone all 19 th Century Cockney on you.

Did you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year? We hope so. We certainly did here at The Rug Stores and we couldn’t be more excited about the year ahead. January is always so full of promise and the feeling that anything could happen; after all it’s the month of new beginnings. Do you have anything planned for the year ahead?

Now is the time that people start implementing their New Year’s resolutions, whether it’s to stop smoking, cutting down on alcohol, taking up exercise or picking up a new hobby. Our aim for the next year is to merely continue offering up a wide range of high quality rugs for sale, in a variety of designs, sizes, patterns, materials and colours!

We think it’s the only resolution worth keeping to for us, along with making our first brick and mortar shop a success of course, so we’ll be putting all our energy into that. Are you looking for rugs for sale online? Maybe part of your New Year’s resolution was to revamp your home décor? If not, there’s never any harm in having a little January refresh!