Too big or too small? | Rugs on Sale

Size matters. Sorry people but it does; at least it does when it comes to the size of your rugs. When choosing rugs for your home, you have to get the size right or it can leave your home either looking cluttered, cramped and chaotic if the rug is too big, or vacuous, vacant and void if you choose too small rugs.

So how do you ensure your rug fills a space adequately? Well there’s no one way to tell; it’s a combination of things and mostly you just have to use your eyes and intuition. However, there a few handy tips that we can share with you to ensure your rugs look as beautiful as you intended.

A good rule of thumb if you have a large space such as a living room is to make sure that the edges of your rugs go at least someway under the front legs of your sofas or armchairs to group your furniture together, especially if you have a coffee table in the middle. This stops everything looking too separate and like each piece of furniture is floating on its own. Like this:

If you have a smaller space and your sofas are pushed back against the wall, then the opposite is true. Smaller rugs help define the space and if you have gaps between your rugs and furniture where the floor is visible, the floating effect is preferable to make the room seem bigger. Like this:

Other than that you need to just be aware of what rugs work in your room and what doesn’t. And if you need any help, we’re only a phone call, an email or a social media message away!