Taking you on a magic carpet ride | Rugs for Sale

Did watching Disney’s Aladdin as a kid ever make you want your own magic carpet or a genie lamp? It certainly did for me and still does to this day. I’m 26 and still a huge fan of Disney films, and every time I watch Aladdin I picture myself flying around on a carpet! It was from a young age that I found a love for rugs and carpets, and although I can’t fly off on one, I can still enjoy the warmth comfort that it brings to my home – and my feet!

I recently moved and although my home looks almost complete now, there were still one or two things missing; rugs. My living room has accidently been furnished with bright colours and that’s down to The Strokes picture we have up on the wall. It streams various colours, so it was only right that we matched the rest of the décor to the painting so it doesn’t look out of place. Our main colour scheme consists of oranges, reds and purples, all of which complement each other. The latest home accessory that we bought was this delightful rug and I bet you can’t guess where we placed it:

It really did bring the room alive!

Now, we don’t just have one rug in our home, we have two rugs for sale; the second being in the hallway. We always find ourselves slipping around or getting a shock when we first step out onto the wooden flooring with bare feet! We opted for a warm brown tone for the hallway runner. It complements the hallway, hides any dirt and it’s the perfect shade for our dog, Winston!