Summer inspired rugs for sale

We may be getting ahead of ourselves thinking about summer already but we’re so excited that we’ve had a smidgen of an increase in temperature that we just can’t help ourselves. Who knows if we’ll even get a summer here in the UK – you know how dire our weather can be – but we’re optimists here at Home and Gardening and we’re planning for the summer months.

The first thing we’re starting with is our summer home and décor, and there’s nothing that can transform a space from autumn/winter to spring/summer better than rugs.

Rugs are often the focal point of a room so it’s important that you’re getting rugs that portray the style that you’re looking to emit. For summer vibes, these are the rugs that we feel can truly encapsulate the warmer season.

Rugs for Sale

Warm & vibrant this rug has all the colours of the sun! Rugs like these are best for otherwise neutral spaces.

Rugs for Sale

There aren’t many rugs out there that can create the effect of a freshly mowed, summer lawn than this Fern Dumroo.

Bright and multi-tonal rugs scream, summer fun and this one is no exception.

Create your own cloudless, blue sky with a beautifully blue rug.

Haven’t these rugs for sale got you in the mood for the summer months? Let’s hope we have a decent season this year! In any case, with our inspiration tips you’ll at least have a summer vibe in your home even if the weather outside isn’t much to shout about!