Snowy, white rugs! | White Rugs For Sale

How much do you love the snow? Enough to have it in your home, or to take the “kids” outside to play in it and make snow angels and snowmen? We can’t deny our love for the snow, even when we have to travel in it, but deep down, a bit of snow can make the dullest of things look pretty, even weeds – and it makes everyone happy during winter. Now, what if you could have snow coloured rugs in your home, but without the freezing temperature on your feet? What if we showed you this, the Sand Plush Rug?


It may have sand in its name, but brush that to one side and take a look at this stylish rug. To us, it has a snow element to it and it’s ridiculously cosy and warm on your feet, which is exactly what we want in these temperatures. It’s one of more popular rugs and we’ve received fantastic feedback about it too.

If you don’t fancy the Sand Plush Rug, but you are still towing with the idea of having snow type rugs in your home then have a browse of our white rugs collection. We’ve picked out a few snowy white rugs that could tick off all the boxes:


Ivory Sierra Apollo Wool                                                  Ivory Santa Cruz


White Karma                                                      Ivory Sparkle

We have plenty more white rugs and other coloured rugs available online, all of which have been made using the highest quality of materials and at affordable prices. Happy rugs for sale shopping!