Save on your energy bills thanks to your home décor | Rugs for Sale

We’re constantly reading about fluctuating energy prices, they’re either sky rocketing and we have to brave the cold with jumpers and brews, or we bite the bullet and whack on the heating and start sweating about how much the gas bill will be at the end of the month. Or the energy prices start to plummet and you’re stuck on a fixed tariff watching everybody around you save the pennies. But did you know there are a few cheap tricks you can do with your décor to help you save on your bills? We’ll give you a hint – one of them is investing in some rugs!

First up, getting curtains as well as blinds is a great way to keep the heat in and they’re also a great way to make your living room feel homely. Make sure your curtains tie in with your rugs to ensure you have a coordinated living room.

The next tip we have has to be our favourite; rugs! Rugs, rugs, rugs, galore. By investing in some quality rugs you can dramatically increase the warmth of your home meaning you’ll be less likely to reach for the thermostat. The feel of a beautiful rug underfoot can be extremely comforting and can make all the difference in terms of heat compared to just having a carpet. Also, if you’ve had your carpet for a while it can become quite flat and feel colder.

Invest in a draft excluder to keep the warmth in and the cold air out. You can find you’re wasting a lot of your heating out beneath the door without actually realising. Make sure your draft excluder complements your rugs!

And last of all, this isn’t really a home décor tip but it’s worth mentioning anyway; keep your heating below 20 degrees Celsius. For every degree you go over 20 it adds a whopping 10% to your bill!

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