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The Luck of the Irish

It may have slipped your mind, but tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day! Yep, the day of green has arrived for another year, and whilst traditionally the day is supposed to be for the Irish, the day has been taken on by all nationalities as a day of celebration. So, tomorrow you all need to wear a little bit of green to avoid a pinch – where do these traditions come from ay?

There will lots of parades and events marking the day tomorrow, all across the UK with many a silly hat being adorned and endless pints of Guinness pulled. How will you be celebrating? Here at The Rug Stores, to mark the occasion, we thought we’d feature some of our beautiful green rugs with you. We only wish we had a shamrock pattern somewhere; we have leaves, is that close enough?

Take a look at our range of green rugs – which one is your favourite?

We’ve got a range of different styles of green rugs in an array of green shades to suit styles and décor. From olive, shamrock green (appropriate), sea green, lime, avocado and forest, to apple green, mint, Dartmouth, fern, pistachio and teal; we have a lot of green rugs for you to choose from.

Browse our selection of rugs for sale today and find your perfect one!