Rugs for use in high traffic areas | Wool Rugs

This weekend saw the biggest attendance for the London Marathon in its 35 year history. 38,000 runners took part in the 26 mile run with over a quarter of a million spectators cheering on the crowd of racers. That’s a lot of people pounding the pavements of London! Well done to everyone that completed the epic run and well done for all the money raised for charity!

All that foot traffic got us thinking about how much we actually walk over our floors at homes; and how much use our poor rugs get, sometimes just in one day!

We probably don’t realise how many times we walk and cross our home; from the kitchen, to the living room, through the hall, to the bathroom and to the bedroom – and then back again, our feet cover a lot of ground in our homes and if we have rugs, they end up getting a lot of use.

So what are the best kinds of rugs to have if you have a hectic household with a lot of foot traffic? One of the best options to go for when it comes to rugs and durability is wool.

Wool rugs have many benefits to them; they have a sturdy pile, can repel water and stains, offer good heat insulation, feel pleasant under foot and crucially, can withstand heavy foot traffic.

Here at The Rug Stores, we offer a range of high quality wool rugs that would be perfect in your home. Not only are our wool rugs incredibly durable but they also come in a selection of beautiful designs – who said you had to choose function over style?