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We’re really proud of the collection of rugs that we have here at Ornatus, we’ve built up a wide range of rugs in all manner of sizes, styles, colours and designs. But how have we managed to collect such high quality rugs? Well one way is through our excellent suppliers. One of our most valued suppliers is Flair Rugs. Based in Manchester, Flair Rugs have been providing rugs to different retailers for many years now and we’re thrilled that we are one such retailer!

  • Flair Rugs supply us with beautiful and high quality rugs at great prices and they are just a joy to work with. Here are some more reasons why we love working with Flair and why their rugs are top class.
  • Flair Rugs have won Home Product of the Year, Best Rug, Best Global Rug, Best Modern Rug AND Best Rug Supplier 6 times in the past 10 years
  • Their rugs really do have flair – they’re gorgeous, have exciting designs, are ethically made and are high quality.
  • Their customer service is second to none. They always ensure rugs are delivered on time and have a supportive team on hand.
  • Flair has a dedication to scouring the globe for the best rugs out there that suit every home.
  • They have meticulous attention to detail and a constant drive to do better.
  • Their attitude to looking after their team, their customers, their suppliers and just their entire approach to business is first class.


Now you know one of our secrets of collecting the best rugs for our loyal customers – that’s you! Have a look around our site; we’re sure you’ll find the perfect choice amongst our selection of rugs for sale.