Opening weekend | Rugs for Sale

What a weekend we’ve had! As you know, this Saturday 6th December was the grand opening of our first ever shop on Lanark High Street. What a day it was! Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the opening, we appreciate it more than you know.As you can imagine, a lot of planning and work went into the lead up to the opening of the store and the transformation of the space was unbelievable. It can be a little daunting when you first walk into the bare space and have to imagine what the end product is going to be – but we finally did it.To give you an idea of what we achieved we thought we’d share some pictures with you all.

Here in the before shots, you can see that the shop isn’t quite ready to display rugs for sale just quite yet, but in the first picture you can see some rugs and carpets piled up ready to go! Fortunately, the shop came along nicely before we opened our doors to the public on Saturday and we had a fully stocked store brimming with flooring, rugs, carpets and other home accessories.

Here are some shots of the outside of the store as we were in mid progress. What do you think?

We’re really proud to have our first bricks and mortar shop up and running and it’s still pretty surreal to actually have our collection of rugs and flooring all in one place for people to see, feel and experience first-hand.

The opening went really well and we’ll get you some updated pictures so you can see the finished store for yourselves. If you’re local to Lanark you can always pop down to the High Street and come check out the shop in person. Who knows, you may find some rugs for sale or flooring whilst you’re there – we do have plenty!