Keeping the warmth indoors and the cold outdoors | Rugs

Scotland received some horrendous weather last week, which later got passed down to the rest of the UK (sorry folks), but the majority of the Highlands were out of power and living in the dark ages again, and not even a glass of whiskey could help us out! Sadly, the worst of the storms isn’t over yet, as more bad weather is predicted to hit us all over the next couple of days, so you better make sure you have a strong brolly at the ready and wrap up warm! However, if you’re looking to add some warmth to your home this winter and want to find a way to do it but without killing the energy bills, we have a solution; rugs.

It’s not just The Rug Stores who believes that rugs are the answer to help keeping your home warm this winter. The Daily Mail recently published an article stating the same thing; that rugs can keep your home warm, as well as adding sound insulation and the obvious cosiness into the mix. We have hundreds of rugs available online and in our new shop. However, the question is, what style of rug do you go for?

There is a lot to take into consideration when it comes to buying rugs for your home. These can include the size of the rug and the size of the room, the colour that would best complement the room without over powering it and the shape of it. Fortunately, The Rug Stores can cover all aspects of rugs shopping, in fact you’ll have too many too choose from! Of course, the biggest influencer when it comes to selecting the rugs is your feet, and if they’re happy everyone is happy.

Rugs will wear and tear from time to time for various reasons including your feet trotting over them on a daily basis, pets and even vacuums. So it’s important to pick the right rug for the right room. So if you’re after a hallway runner, opt for a darker shade to hide away any dirt that’s been carried in from your shoes or if you have pets, and swap the vac for a simple giving your rugs a shake and a beat to plump them up again. It will help keep them looking newer for longer.

Happy rugs shopping J