Keeping it Shaggy Clean | Shaggy Rugs

Santa Cruz Shaggy Rug

Do you own shaggy rugs? Are you in love with your shaggy rugs because they feel so soft and warm on the bottoms of your feet, but feel that they are a nightmare to clean? Well we here at The Rugs Store have put together a few handy cleaning tips to help you maintain your favourite shaggy rugs all year round.

  • vLoosening the dirt. If we were to give you a traditional way of cleaning rugs, it would be this one; taking your shaggy rugs outside for a beating. Give it a wee shake outside or beat it with the side of brush/ mop, and if the sun is shining then leave it outside for a short while so the sun can kill off any bacteria, dust mites etc...
  • vThe old vacuum. Vacuuming shaggy rugs can be challenge and you’ll often find a battle starting between the rug and the vac, but who will win? The vacuum if you set the head to high pile (if possible). It helps create a smoother glide across the shaggy rugs and you can go crazy cleaning it!
  • vDry shampoo. Dry shampoo isn’t just for festivals; it’s great for rugs too. You can buy some carpet shampoo from your local supermarket for just a few pounds and you can give those shaggy rugs of yours some well-deserved TLC. Simply sprinkle the shampoo onto the rugs, brush it in and leave it to settle for the set time given, and then vacuum it all up.

There are other ways to clean shaggy rugs up such as steam cleaning and cleaning any spillages immediately to prevent staining. Happy cleaning!

So don’t use the excuse that shaggy rugs are too hard to clean because they’re not. Browse our range of shaggy rugs online today, you know you want too! Just imagine that soft, warm feeling on your feet in the early hours of the morning when you have to get up for work, or during the cold winter months…