Keeping cosy with The Rug Stores | Shaggy Rugs

“The days are short, The sun a spark, Hung thin between, The dark and dark” – John Updike

John’s ‘January’ poem speaks of the reality of winter and while it may only be November, we know exactly how he feels! Getting out of bed this morning was a real struggle and if you have hardwood flooring like me, you’ll know the shock of placing your feet on the cold floor first thing in a morning. If you needed a brisk wakeup call before your morning dose of caffeine, just planting your feet certainly does the trick. However, if you’d prefer to wake up slowly and more pleasantly, you might consider investing in a warm, comforting rug.

If you’re looking for something truly indulgent that your feet will just die for, shaggy rugs are your best bet. With the colder weather setting in, shaggy rugs can be a real asset and can vastly improve the temperature of your bedroom or living room.

With the cost of energy bills seemingly always rising, it’s a necessity to find alternative ways to keep you and your home warm this winter. For me, cosy pyjamas, a hot water bottle and a duvet does the trick – and of course some shaggy rugs to keep the heat in!

If the thought of facing another morning with a cold, bare floor is just too much to handle for you, and your feet, have a look at our range of shaggy rugs online today.