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Do you have a taste for the classic? The unusual? The bold and beautiful? Then our Indian rugs may just be the thing you need.

Our Indian inspired rugs combine the traditional and the contemporary to give exquisite, long lasting and luxurious rugs that look amazing in any home. Our extensive range of Indian rugs means no matter what your décor, you’ll find the perfect fit for your abode.

Whether you’re after a refresh in the living room, a quick update in the bedroom or a redesign in the dining room, we have Indian rugs to suit your requirements. Our Indian rugs don’t just cater for the more traditional tastes, we have Indian rugs that fit perfectly in any modern home and our varied selection of styles, patterns and colours, it means no matter what your taste, you’ll find a rug you love.

Have a look at just a small selection of the Indian rugs we have on offer here at The Rug Stores:

As you can see, in our Indian rugs section, we have such a diverse collection of rugs for sale that it’s impossible to label our Indian rugs as just one thing – there’s too much variety!

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