In Flanders Fields the poppies blow | Rugs Online

Armistice Day is one of the most highlighted days in the calendar and red poppies can be spotted weeks prior to 11 th November. The Rugs Store was one of many businesses around the UK who held a two minute silence to remember the fallen soldiers both past and present.



The poppy is significant to Remembrance Day and it began back in 1912 to commend the soldiers who fought in World War One and sadly lost their lives. The tradition has carried on until this day, where we remember all those who were and still are part of the Military Forces. The Rugs Store was lucky enough to visit the river of poppies at the Tower of London and although it made us feel proud and honourable, it also made us appreciate the poppy red colour. So we thought we’d dedicate this blog to a collection of red rugs that have a hint of poppiness to them.


This is just a small selection of our red rugs online. The Rugs Store collection of red designed rugs can be found on our website in a range of styles, sizes and shades of red. Of course, if you’re looking for a rug in time for Christmas, then you can’t get more Christmassy and traditional than with a red rug! Happy rug shopping!