How do you have your rugs? | Shaggy Rugs

Or where do you have your rugs even. We’re probably being bias in saying this, but every home whether it’s a house; apartment, barge or a motor home should be treated to stylish rugs. It’s up to you where you have them, how you place them and the type of rug you go for, but you can trust us in that you’ll never look back.

One of the latest rugs trends is tucking your stylish rug (from The Rug Stores) comfortably under your bed. Yep, we’re not kidding and we even tested it out ourselves in our home, which you can see from the photo below:

We think it fits in quite nicely and adds character to the bedroom, what do you think?

It’s not just we humans who have a soft spot for rugs; it appears that our furry four legged friends do too. Our little pooch hound Louis is a huge fan of the plush shaggy rugs that we have in our living room. He’s made it his comfort zone for when he’s having a lazy day or just relaxing. We don’t have the heart to tell Louis to get off, we’re a fan of the plush shaggy rugs and he is too. Everyone’s a winner!