Fashion for your Floors | Rugs for Sale

At The Rug Stores, we hold rugs in high regard because, in essence, they are an extension of ourselves. Our sense of style or our fashion tastes; we see rugs as fashion for our floors. We love our homes and we love them even more when rugs are gracing their floors.

Add colour in seconds to a neutrally painted space. Go down the shabby chic route with bohemian styled rugs. Choose a classic look with our modern rugs. Whatever your preference, you will find something to inspire you at The Rug Stores.

We have a variety of styled rugs in our collection including Moroccan, Chinese, Persian and Indian style so whatever your age, cultural roots or personal style, you will love the rugs we have on offer.

Inject a splash of colour with our Funk Multi rug, great for jazzing up any space or children’s rooms.

Or go down the fashionable geometric style with this Funk Natural rug. This will cause a stir in your home for all the right reasons! Bold and confident, we stock a collection of eye-catching prints to add a bit of asymmetrical edge to your room.

Or why not go for the trendy Charcoal and Red Pebble effect rug for a bright and contemporary feel?

So if you want fashion for your floors, give us a call with your rug requests today! With so many rugs for sale there will be plenty to choose from!