Don’t let your eyes deceive you | Rugs for Sale

Have you all seen ‘The Dress’ doing the rounds on the internet? I’d be surprised if you hadn’t seen it – it’s caused quite a stir. But the real question is do you see it as black and blue? Or white and gold? It’s amazing at how many people see the colours on the dress so differently – it’s quite the phenomenon – but they honestly do. Now we apologise to all the people that see it as white and gold; we appreciate that your eyes are telling you the dress is white and gold but it’s just a weird trick – the dress is indeed blue and black.

It’s been amazing to see how it’s played out over the web and so we thought we’d pay tribute to ‘The Dress’ and showcase some of our favourite black, blue, white and gold rugs here at The Rug Stores. Before we get any comments, yes - all these rugs are different colours!

Black & Ivory Element Warwick  

Tides Black Grey and White Nordic Pattern

Glade Check Blue Grey Mix  

Navy Sincerity Sherborne

iscount V52

White KarmaIvory 

Sierra Apollo Wool

So did your eyes deceive you or can you see our selection of rugs in all their different coloured glory? There are plenty more where those came from over at The Rug Stores. Check in store or online for our range of quality rugs for sale.