Creating the right first impression | Hallway Runners

Everyone wants to have a warm and inviting home and there’s no better way to create that environment than through your home décor. The first thing people see when they enter your home is your hallway so it makes sense that the welcoming décor should start there. Decorating the hallway can be tricky; it’s an awkward space and is often quite small but if you’re creative enough, you can design yourself a beautiful first impression. One of the simplest ways to get started is by investing in some hallway runners and rugs!

Hallway runners can instantly lift the space and create a striking and strong visual as soon as you step into your home. Depending on your existing décor, you can either go bold with your hallway runners, making them the focal point of the space, or you can complement the colours of your hallway with a subtle hallway rug. Either way you’ve create a beautiful space for yourself.

Hallway Runners

One of the other great things about hallway runners and rugs is that they double up as great carpet or floor protectors. Hallways are notoriously high foot traffic areas so it’s undoubtable that they get a lot of wear. Hallways runners and rugs are usually a little more durable than rugs for other rooms so they can withstand more use.

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