An Asiatic Rug for Every Room

If you have been following our Facebook posts recently you will have noticed a few new rugs making an appearance. Asiatic rugs have launched their new 2016 collection with rugs to suit all tastes and we are very excited to make them available to you! With such an amazing selection to fit a wide range of budgets, all you have to worry about is which room to show off your new rug.

Living room

This is a room to be enjoyed by all the family. So we think your living room deserves a rug that is durable and will make a statement. Use rugs to define areas, especially if your living room is a large space that also has a dining table. Placing a rug under your dining furniture and one under your sofa space can define these areas into functional zones. 

Arlo Chevron Blue Rug

Asiatic Dolce Gold Rug


Now it might seem a little strange to some of us to place a rug in a kitchen but a rug can enhance the decor and be a little warmer to walk on than a cold tiled or wooden floor.

Border Sisal Rug

Asiatic Enzo Rug Blue/Grey

Home Office

A home office should be bright and welcoming as most of us work a lot better in a light space that is clutter free. Why not take inspiration from one of our modern, designer Asiatic rugs which we think would go perfect in any small or large office space.

Asiatic Focus Rug

Asiatic Buckle Rug Ivory


This is where you can let your imagination run wild! Place a large rug under the bed two-thirds of the way down so that when you climb out of bed, your feet are caressed by soft fibres and colours that make you smile.

Tan Chequered Rodeo Rug

Agra Twist Beige Rug

Children’s Room

Let them pick the rug! If they love the rug then it will make them smile everyday. We love these rugs full of colour that would make any little explorer smile. 

Asiatic Candy Stars Rug

Playtime Map Rug