A slight change… | Rugs for Sale

You may have noticed there’s something a little different with our website here at The Rug Stores. Now, nothing is drastically different, we’re still the same lovely site dedicated to bring you the best quality rugs at the best prices, but there have been some subtle amendments to our website that we’d like to point out. Some eagle-eyed customers may have already noticed the change, but it is early on a Monday morning so we’ll help those who need a little nudge in noticing by explaining what we’ve changed.

If you look at the picture above, you’ll see we’ve amended our drop down menu slightly. We’ve added a lighting, flooring, home accessories and furniture tab. Our rugs section is still there of course, but we’ve condensed our rugs section down into three sections; design, colour and manufacturer.

We think it makes things a lot clearer when it comes to our rugs and means we have space to fit on all of our wonderful new home furnishings products too. What do you think? Not a massive change we concede, but we think it’s enough to make all of the difference.

Rugs will always be our first love here at The Rug Stores, so you don’t need to worry about us compromising on that aspect of our business; we just have some room to include more home items too. Be sure to have a look around our website for the best quality rugs for sale at the best prices.