A Rug Revolution | Rugs for Sale

If you’re moving house, you may be contemplating the purchase of new furniture, art work for the walls, curtains, blinds, carpets…but have you considered getting a rug?

At The Rug Stores, we are passionate about our rugs, leading a ‘rug revolution’ and proud of our eclectic collection that we source from major UK suppliers and import from Belgium, China and India.

We believe that our homes tell a story about us, meaning that the rugs we choose are a great way of expressing our personalities and making a statement. We invest in our homes because we know it makes a huge difference when we have somewhere warm and welcoming to return to after a long day. Our homes are our havens, so it’s worth spending the money on getting the right rug.

At The Rug Stores, you will receive high quality rugs at great prices. We have rugs to suit all budgets and our wide ranging collection cover different styles guaranteed to suit all tastes.

With our rugs, you can give your rooms an instant facelift, making small rooms feel cosy or by adding depth to large living spaces.

There is no need to hunt for that perfect piece of artwork for the wall either, because rugs can double up as art too. Use your rug as a wall hanging! They can be just as effective on the walls as they are on the floor, adding a textural backdrop to your room and working to break up plain walls, a method used by many a designer and home stylist.

So if you’re ready to join our rug revolution and are looking to add space definition, texture, colour or patterns to truly make your home a haven, choose your rugs for sale from The Rug Stores today!