A feel for Christmas | Rugs For Sale

It’s officially one month until Christmas Day and we are overly excited! Father Christmas would have dropped him himself down the chimneys, delivered the presents, eaten his minced pies and tiny glasses of sherry or milk, examined the stylish rugs in your home and taken the carrots to give to his team of reindeers. It’s a busy few hours for this one fella!

Now with Christmas being just one month away, if you haven’t already, now is the time to start thinking of Christmas presents and ideas for the most celebrated festive day of the year, as well as digging out the Christmas decorations from the attic. Speaking of Christmas decorations, do you agree with us when we say the fun and excitement of Christmas gets sucked out because too many people are competing with their neighbours to have the most lit up house on the street? But here at The Rug Stores, we believe in tradition and keeping your home warm, welcoming and cosy during Christmas.

A cosy fire place with a soft rug sat in front of it, personalised stockings hanging over it and a glistening Christmas tree sat in the corner with presents neatly tucked under. Sounds lovely doesn’t it? For us, it’s the rugs laid out by the fireplace during the festive period, is what give us the Christmas tingles. What gives you the Christmas feeling? Let us know on our Facebook page or tweet us at @rug_store.