5 Reasons Why Dogs are Man's Best Friend!

Whether they are trying to get you to take them for a walk or telling you exactly when they are due their evening meal, dogs are awesome!

1. According to scientists in Japan, when a dog and its owner look into each others eyes, oxytocin is released which is a hormone associated with trust and love. 

2.  Dogs alert you when it's time for walkies this might only be because they need to go do their business but think of the health benefits for you. Walking a dog burns calories, so that means you wont feel guilty when you eat that slice of cake later. 

3. Dogs can do amazing things, such as Swansea Jack who saved a total of 27 people from drowning in his lifetime. 

4. Children who grow up with dogs have a lower risk of developing eczema unlike those who own cats or no dog at all. 

5. They will welcome you home as if you have been gone for months, even though you only popped out to the shops for 10 min. Maybe Simon is trying to spend more time with his owner by doing the shopping for them in our 2016 video. 


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