5 Reasons Why Cats Are Awesome!

Love cats? Check out our top 5 reasons why we think cats are awesome!

1. Cats can make 100 different sounds, whereas dogs can only make 10.

2. Adult cats only meow at humans. This is sometimes to alert it's human to something being medically wrong, to get you to play with them or just to say hi. 

3. Researchers have found that owning a cat can reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke by a third. This is due to cats alleviating stress and anxiety. 

4. There is a mayor cat in Alaska who has been voted in as mayor for 15 years! Yes, cats are so awesome they can become mayor. 

5. Do you spend hours watching cute cat videos on Youtube? Did you know that the oldest surviving cat video on youtube was filmed in 1894 - http://bit.ly/1IR3s9Z. That's well over 100 years of filming cats! Take a look at our 2016 video that shows how easy The Rug Stores cat finds our online shopping service! 

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