Black and White Rugs

When it comes to providing a bold and modern look that can suit just about any home with the right aesthetic, it really is hard to beat black and white rugs. They provide the strongest contrast out of any kind of colour scheme or design, and the boldness of monochromatic patterning ensures that black and white rugs are as hard to ignore as you’d imagine!

Especially when placed within more subdued surroundings, black and white rugs draw all the right kind of attention and can create a real focal point for the room to be centred around. Even if you prefer a more traditional pattern over something modern such as a black and white striped rug, the strong colours are sure to make an impact!

We carefully design all of our black and white rugs so that you’ll always be receiving an end product you can be proud of, utilising only the highest quality materials such as wool and silk to bring maximum comfort and practicality. What’s more, we’ll never be beaten on price! If you find, for example, the same black and white striped rug for less anywhere else, we’ll match the price and even go as far as to drop it by an additional £5. This offer applies to all of our black and white rugs, needless to say!

So what’s stopping you from investing in a black and white striped rug? Black and white rugs aren’t just the perfect thing for contemporary homes, as they’ll definitely find a way to blend in with just about any décor! No matter how you’ve chosen to design your house, feel free to browse the extensive selection of black and white rugs below and you’re sure to find the perfect rug!

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